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letsplay_icons's Journal

Let's Play Icons.
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Role Playing Icons
About. Let's Play! Rules.
Letsplay_icons in a icon community for RPG [role playing game]. Mainly celeberty. I dont think anyone would mind you posting Harry Potter or whatever. This community is a part of scenesters_rpg Click the link if you are intersted in joining. Other then that this is an open community go ahead and join if you are interested.
1.icons cannot be larger then 100 x 100. Smaller ones are okay but you know.
2.No fancy brushes or animation. Most people dont like that. Keep it simple.
3.Keep all post MEMBERS ONLY. Kthnx
4.Dont ask for credit.Leave that up to the person taking them.
5.Comment if you're taking anything. It lets us know someone is using our stuff!
6. You can promote here. It's not that big of a deal.
7.Keep it under the cut. You can have a few teasers if you feel the need but large numbers really should be under the cut.
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